Steve Hansel started doing lighting and sound production while in school in Santa Rosa, CA.  He was a drummer performing in shows and was already assisting with sound.   One day while sitting in the electronics class, he was asked to hang and wire lighting for a show.  Combine that with being encouraged by his parents to not just rely on being a musician …and a production company CEO was born. 

After school Steve would pursue both the music and the production jobs.  Steve started Hansel Productions out of his garage in Santa Rosa.  Hansel Productions was a one stop shop for staging, lights and sound.  In 1989 Hansel Productions moved into a commercial space in Reno, NV where he did the production for local indoor and outdoor concerts. 

Steve enjoys being involved in all aspects of the business and never makes his clients feel like a number.  Think of him as a Renaissance guy.  He’s an electrician.  He’s a certified mig and tig welder.  He makes cables, and stages and truss.   He can fabricate pretty much anything.  In fact, he engineered and made the two trailer stages we are using today.   

The one downside to Steve is that he has a hard time delegating work since he loves to be involved.  Lucky for our clients, that translates to a very personable experience with Steve Hansel and XS Entertainment.

In 1990 he started touring as a drummer with Breck Wall’s Bottoms Up, but continued with his “day job” when the shows were dark.  When he moved to Las Vegas in 1997 his company became XS Entertainment.  Ten years later he added in backline services to be close to his love of music.


 (702) 222-9293